12 dic 2010

Regret Buying - Eyeshadow Base Red Earth

Ho acquistato questa base per ombretti da Douglas in offerta...ma avrei dovuto lasciarla lì!

E' polverosa, pastosa, difficile da sfumare, inutile dato che gli ombretti fanno le pieghette, inoltre la sua colorazione gialla rende la palpebra di un colore innaturale e non piacevole da vedere, bisogna sfumarla con molta attenzione ma anche in questo caso il risultato non rende...meglio UDPP senza dubbi.

cakey unuseful waste of money this Eyeshadow base has a yellow base that doesn't blend very well. In addition the eyeshadow crease on me with this so I wouldn't buy it again and never recommend.

6 dic 2010

Stila - Illuminating tinted moisturizer SPF 15

What can I say about this tinted moisturizer? I think that the worst words that I have in my mind can't explain properly what I feel about this Stila product. I found this in a kit from Stila and I thought that it was great had the opportunity to try it...nothing was more wrong that this... I tried first time and even if it's way to light for me I decided to use it anyway with adding mineral foundation on, I used once...then after few days I started see some pimples and I said to my self wow I'm getting younger..but not link my problem with this product. I cannot believe that a product can cause this....Recently I decided to finished all the products that I have to my vanity and reuse it without any thoughts....now I have broke out SOOOO BAD that I don't know what to do to make them stopped it! I've never react to a product like this and believe me I'm not a teen! This time I used 3 times in three different day and then stopped, to use other products and now I came with this result..I'm a little bit desperate!!! Obviously I'm going to throw it away without any regrets....CRAP PRODUCT!!! I want to share this information because I don't know if it cause the same problem to others the only things that I changed in my routine is this and a bunched of samples of DELAROM (I don't think that cause this) but the broke out started a few days after I stopped use the Stila product so I really don't know what to think!!!!
My current routine to think about (unless some meals different which by the way never give me this problem to my face skin)
- Fitocose Crema Solare protezione 14 (used from this summer just to finish it)
- Decleor Face sun protection SPF 15 (switched some days with Fitocose)
- samples of Delarom

Now for the finish of the product nice sheen but too light for my skin

5 dic 2010

update lipglosses (just a better photo not all of them^^)

Benefit the gloss
NYX Soap Opera Queen
NYX Apricot
NYX Peach
NYX Beige
NYX Lollipop
NYX Coral Licious
Estee Lauder Pure Color
Estee Lauder Pure Color
Estee Lauder High Gloss Plump
NARS Orgasm
NARS Dolce Vita
MAC Sock Hop
MAC Frankly Fresh
MAC Smile
MAC Boy Bait
MAC Richer, Lusher
MAC Over Indulgence
MAC Pucker Tendertone
Revlon Peach Petal
Revlon Coral Reef
Revlon Lilac Pastelle
Revlon Shoking Spice
Clinique Nudey
Clinique Extra Apricot
Clinique Loveable Plum
Too Faced Lip Injection
The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain

24 nov 2010

A bunch of Regrets Buying! My favourite post ever!!

Even if it is a pain admit that sometimes we bought crap products I think it useful to share but also think about it to avoid future mistakes.
Today I will talking about
- Revlon London Eyeliner - Blackest Black
Even if is really really blak I always have hard time with this eyeliner; ok I'm not a huge espert about eyeliner I'm learning but learn with this is like learn to write without a pen!! well maybe I'm exagerate it simply that I was expecting MORE after all the positive reviews that I have heard before buy it!
- Red Earth Eye Perfection Primer
I finally decided to throw away this product because for me makeup is not only a moment of care but also a moment of relax or if not both at least NOT a moment of pain and angry. This eye primer it's a shame: I can't believe they also called it Perfection...what? Perfection what? It is a yellow paste that became a paste powdering when applied, the first time that I used I was completely surprise how crap was, so the second time I tried to blend better but nothing to do it leaves an awful finish caky yellow almost floury!It's not a very smooth cream like it has to be!
- Ombretto Trio Hi-Tech - DEBORAH in Peach Passion Wet & Dry superperlato
Credo esista solo in Italia ma non ne sono sicura...cestinato avrei dovuto fare delle foto ma mi sono dimenticata..buttato purtroppo dopo molti ripensamenti..l'unico colore seriamente scrivente è il marrone che infatti ho tenuto, il rosa è satinato ma per farlo scrivere occorre grattare la patina iniziale o forse usarlo bagnato cosa che non ho mai fatto dato che non mi piace usare gli ombretti bagnati ora guardando un pò su internet ho visto che ci sono persone che si trovano bene con questo trio cosa che mi lascia perplessa..non so forse i miei avevano un difetto di fabbricazione ma non erano molto scriventi soprattutto il bianco...

the last regret is a sample
Chanel Exceptionel
I would like to say some little things to describe this sample: Chanel if you want that your customers buying after trying your samples don't offer them dried because seriously I don't see the point to try a DRIED MASCARA even if It could be a good mascara because of the packaging, the bristels and the formula it is impossible to apply well because of the insane dryiness.

22 nov 2010

Mac Nail Lacquer - Earthly Harmony

Grey with really really fine shimmers that on nails disappear (so I'm ok with them). The yellow shimmers show up only in the bottle

one coat
on base coat miss nail bar
no top coat

17 nov 2010

My last order for nail polishes - Essie and Sephora by OPI

essie - Fall Collection
Limited Addiction - dark red - rosso scuro
Little Brown Dress - chocolate - marrone scurissimo
Sew Psyched - green grey - verde
Merino Cool - dark mauve - Malva scuro

Sephora by Opi
Read my Palm - a different shade of green - verde

Essie Sew Psyched one coat - una passata
base coat used/ usato Quick Dry Base Coat - Revlon
With this small nail polishes from Essie I always have some little problems for application...the short handle is difficult to use sometime but I love the possibility to try 4 shade of nail polish in one purchase.
With Sew Psyched I will definitely go for 2 coats even if one coat leaves a decent result also because for the high quality of cream nail polishes by Essie.

Già con una passata si ha un buon risultato con questo smaltino anche se direi che per un risultato migliore la seconda passata è consigliabile ...nonchè d'obbligo anche perchè si hanno un pò di anestetiche striature che forse con 2 passate vanno via. In questa foto non ho top coat e la luce è artificiale.

Due passate senza top coat / without top coat
In definitiva bellisimo colore un pò di difficoltà nell'applicazione forse per il pennellino corto ma tutto sommato trascurabile solo un pochino alla mano sinistra...nella foto non ho top coat ma lo metterò sicuramente per far durare di più il colore ma anche perchè ho notato che è un pò spento come colore senza un top lucido ma questo va a gusti alla fine.

A BIG THANK YOU TO FEDERICA!! LOL you are my first and I think unique follower!!


9 nov 2010

Review Mascara Max Factor False Lash Effect Black (Waterproof)

I found that this mascara that seams to be the copy of Lash Blast Mascara by Covergirl, is very good. It is really waterproof, I removed it with my much loved Respectissime by La Roche Posay (so keep in mind when I said that I removed it very easily). It leaves the lashes very long and bold black I love it!! It doesn't clumps
UNFORTUNATELY after my purchase I discovered that obviously Max Factor tests on animals so I don't think I re-buy this mascara again...it's a pity because it is an amazing mascara but when it is possible to choose we had at least try to make the right decision not only for us...AT LEAST TRY but I know that it's very difficult find a great product also under a good company..

PRICE: on cheapsmells.com 10,10 euro
available also no waterproof, brown and deep blue

31 ott 2010

FlowerbyKenzo Eau De Parfum

Little sample from my last Sephora's purchase

I hate this perfume! That's it!!
too much smell of white musk that annoying me so much...

Bulgarian Rose, Parma Violet, Bourbon Vanilla, White Musk

In this case I really enjoy have the possibility to try something that I won't buy ever

17 ott 2010

Realness of Concealness - Benefit mini kit

I had to try this concealer better... I hope the result is comparable to the claim... even if I need concealer I'm too lazy to put one on... maybe because every time that I tried one, the result doesn't make me happy.
It contains Boing

Mini Review of two Lip Balm - Burner Balm - Burt's Bees

In my search of the right Lip Balm great for my lips and for cheaper price I tried this ones:

Burner Balm in Vanilla...
I love Vanilla but this Lip Balm doesn't smell very much of Vanilla but it's nice. Unfortunately is pretty hard, but it has spf in it.

the Burt's Bees is in pomegranate
it's good nothing special, nice smell, medium consistency not hard like the Burner but not soft like the Crazy Rumors

(I continue to LOVE TO DEATH CRAZY RUMORS Lip Balm which are my favourite)

Mini review of Stila Lipglaze "ulta" mate pink

Personally I don't like this type of lipgloss but under certain point of view they allow waste less product. Nice color.
Cons about this lipgloss is the smell... I think is disgusting infact it reminds me a smell of a deodorant for car and not from the nice ones!

scadenza 12 mesi
.08 fl. oz/oz. liq./2.4 ml

Random products tried.... Chanel Sublimage

Nothing special for this cream... I can't remember if is good or not... but I for sure remember if is good... and it is not!! I don't think I will buy full bottle.
I think that Chanel products expecially for skincare are definitely too hyped and expensive for what they take.

Smalti Rosa: Confronto Tonalità

The blues comparison - Nail Polish China Glaze Opi and Barry M

When samples are useful... ASTRA Mascara

no waste of words for this mascara ... it CLUMPS!!! AVOID IT!!! I usually try to be more diplomatic but after using two times this mascara I decided to eliminate it from my collection because its clumps hurt me so bad to my eyes... so... why for beauty I had to suffer in this way??? Thankfully I didn't pay for it except for the cost of the magazine in which it was in...

Regret buying... NYX Lipstick - Power

Oh wow... my list of "regret buying" seams not have an end... that's why I want to share with someone... maybe you can understand me and avoid to loose money if you had my same kind of taste

I had yellow tone, even if for the italian girls of Sephora doesn't exist an undertone or they failed every time to find it... so this is a refer point for describing my experience

So for some reason this lipstick is orrible on me ...I tried everything to make it works but nothing... I throw it away... grrr so much money waste!!!

Regret buying... Kate Moss Parfume

I don't like this parfume at all it's too much strong for me... 
something that remind me when I was young
lately I bought so many perfumes online without smelling but this one I can't stand it so I had to put in another bottle to spray to the air ... I know it's very wasteful but I don't want bottle sitting around without any motivation

My Sun Protection for 2010 : Decleor and Biotherm

Decleor which I simply Love It is a 15 SPF It absorb very quickly leaves a white cast but considerable less than my other sun protection. I will probably repurchase it again

Biotherm SPF 30 for eyes it's an ok product nothing special but it's the only with sun protection that I was able to find easily;

Samples... little but good accumulate for so long

I love FlowerBomb by Viktor and Rolf
the one of Anna Sui I don't like unfortunately

Boxes....a strange love...

Maybe I'm still keep the boxes to feel a little bit less in blame I don't know...the only thing that I know is that I throw them away only after taking a picture of them maybe because they are so beautiful?