16 ott 2010

The Best Lip Balm - Crazy Rumors

My favourite Lip Balm is this one I can't choose one of them because they are all amazing!!! Great parfum, great condition for lips and some of them last almost 2 hours leaving soft lips.... I almost tried every single one of them..

- vegan
- natural products
- smell amazing
- very soft

- availability only online (for me at least)
- price (obviously more pricey than the drugstore one but not so much like the one of high end brand)
- because they are so soft and good I used maybe to much maybe for just enjoy LOL so I run out so quickly!!!

My favourite is French Vanilla!The Amaretto one has some beads in it that seams a scrub...so I don't like very much unless I want like I said a scrub!!
Flavour -
Crazy Rumors Ginger Peach -
Crazy Rumors Irish Cream (it has some beads in it)-
Crazy Rumors Amaretto (it has some beads in it)-
Crazy Rumors Apple Spice -
Crazy Rumors French Vanilla (my favourite)

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