24 nov 2010

A bunch of Regrets Buying! My favourite post ever!!

Even if it is a pain admit that sometimes we bought crap products I think it useful to share but also think about it to avoid future mistakes.
Today I will talking about
- Revlon London Eyeliner - Blackest Black
Even if is really really blak I always have hard time with this eyeliner; ok I'm not a huge espert about eyeliner I'm learning but learn with this is like learn to write without a pen!! well maybe I'm exagerate it simply that I was expecting MORE after all the positive reviews that I have heard before buy it!
- Red Earth Eye Perfection Primer
I finally decided to throw away this product because for me makeup is not only a moment of care but also a moment of relax or if not both at least NOT a moment of pain and angry. This eye primer it's a shame: I can't believe they also called it Perfection...what? Perfection what? It is a yellow paste that became a paste powdering when applied, the first time that I used I was completely surprise how crap was, so the second time I tried to blend better but nothing to do it leaves an awful finish caky yellow almost floury!It's not a very smooth cream like it has to be!
- Ombretto Trio Hi-Tech - DEBORAH in Peach Passion Wet & Dry superperlato
Credo esista solo in Italia ma non ne sono sicura...cestinato avrei dovuto fare delle foto ma mi sono dimenticata..buttato purtroppo dopo molti ripensamenti..l'unico colore seriamente scrivente è il marrone che infatti ho tenuto, il rosa è satinato ma per farlo scrivere occorre grattare la patina iniziale o forse usarlo bagnato cosa che non ho mai fatto dato che non mi piace usare gli ombretti bagnati ora guardando un pò su internet ho visto che ci sono persone che si trovano bene con questo trio cosa che mi lascia perplessa..non so forse i miei avevano un difetto di fabbricazione ma non erano molto scriventi soprattutto il bianco...

the last regret is a sample
Chanel Exceptionel
I would like to say some little things to describe this sample: Chanel if you want that your customers buying after trying your samples don't offer them dried because seriously I don't see the point to try a DRIED MASCARA even if It could be a good mascara because of the packaging, the bristels and the formula it is impossible to apply well because of the insane dryiness.

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