9 nov 2010

Review Mascara Max Factor False Lash Effect Black (Waterproof)

I found that this mascara that seams to be the copy of Lash Blast Mascara by Covergirl, is very good. It is really waterproof, I removed it with my much loved Respectissime by La Roche Posay (so keep in mind when I said that I removed it very easily). It leaves the lashes very long and bold black I love it!! It doesn't clumps
UNFORTUNATELY after my purchase I discovered that obviously Max Factor tests on animals so I don't think I re-buy this mascara again...it's a pity because it is an amazing mascara but when it is possible to choose we had at least try to make the right decision not only for us...AT LEAST TRY but I know that it's very difficult find a great product also under a good company..

PRICE: on cheapsmells.com 10,10 euro
available also no waterproof, brown and deep blue

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