6 dic 2010

Stila - Illuminating tinted moisturizer SPF 15

What can I say about this tinted moisturizer? I think that the worst words that I have in my mind can't explain properly what I feel about this Stila product. I found this in a kit from Stila and I thought that it was great had the opportunity to try it...nothing was more wrong that this... I tried first time and even if it's way to light for me I decided to use it anyway with adding mineral foundation on, I used once...then after few days I started see some pimples and I said to my self wow I'm getting younger..but not link my problem with this product. I cannot believe that a product can cause this....Recently I decided to finished all the products that I have to my vanity and reuse it without any thoughts....now I have broke out SOOOO BAD that I don't know what to do to make them stopped it! I've never react to a product like this and believe me I'm not a teen! This time I used 3 times in three different day and then stopped, to use other products and now I came with this result..I'm a little bit desperate!!! Obviously I'm going to throw it away without any regrets....CRAP PRODUCT!!! I want to share this information because I don't know if it cause the same problem to others the only things that I changed in my routine is this and a bunched of samples of DELAROM (I don't think that cause this) but the broke out started a few days after I stopped use the Stila product so I really don't know what to think!!!!
My current routine to think about (unless some meals different which by the way never give me this problem to my face skin)
- Fitocose Crema Solare protezione 14 (used from this summer just to finish it)
- Decleor Face sun protection SPF 15 (switched some days with Fitocose)
- samples of Delarom

Now for the finish of the product nice sheen but too light for my skin

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