12 feb 2011

Mascaras used lately since august ... no favourite ...never re-buy

Nyx Doll Eyes in Black - nice liquid formula but it didn't make great lashes but if I run out everything MAYBE I can consider to re-buy...mmm maybe for the cheap price!

Stila Multi Effect - To much Dried!! I don't know if I got a dude but it doesn't do anything!!

I don't understand how mascara can disappointed me so much but this is exactly what happened with this 4 mascaras... I'm very disappointed because I heard so many good things about Elf mascara and Nyx Doll Eyes that I run and buy them...but FOR ME they didn't work at all...Well also Stila has disappointed me...so there's no a perfect mascara for me yet...yesterday I opened for the first time the ever famous Make Up Forever mascara (no waterproof) but I had to admit that for now for just one use, I don't like it at all!! And like everybody knows it is very expensive!!!! I don't know what to do!!! Lol Still searching!!

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