15 apr 2011

Part 4: When Samples are Useful: Mascara Diorshow Iconic

This is one of the worst samples of mascara that I ever tried -__-
I don't know how to think about the actual mascara in the full bottle because the one that I receveid in sample is EXTREMELY DRY so I wasn't able to test it!!!
But I want say that I really like the applicator unfortunately I cannot say the same for the formula, what sense does provide these small samples of product if they are unusable because they are dry? Or the true normal size mascara is it?? Mystery ...

Però devo dire che mi piace molto l'applicatore lo stesso non posso dire della formula, che senso ha fornire questi campioncini di prodotto se sono inutilizzabile perchè secchi? O il vero mascara in formato normale è davvero così??? Mistero...

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