7 mag 2013

Swatches and Review: N.Y.X. Lip Lacquer Pot Coral Licious

The swatch on my hand it's nice, I bought online with the hoping that it could be a good subsitute to my trusty Sock Hop lip gloss from MAC but it isn't...Obviously...is a third of the price!!

As I said the swatch on the hand it's pretty nice and really pigmented but on the lips it's so sheer that I can still see not only my lip colour but every single fine line of the lips...definitely not an attractive look. It's almost see through kind of result..very trasparent..I also tried using it with another lip gloss but really....I don't see the point of all this effort also because it didn't last that long...after a few minutes it's gone. I definitely don't like this lip lacquer pot from N.Y.X. and I won't recommended also for igienic reason. For the short amount of time that I forced myself to use this lip product, I religiously used a brush but the result isn't still that great to justify the effort. I mean there are so many great lip glosses on the market without the need of using a separate brush in order to use them ..so why spent money on something that it's not that great?

If you want you can also see the ingredients and I had to admint that when I'm using N.Y.X products I'm always scared about the ingredients because of the low price, and because of they are made, I'm always scared about reactions or bad result in the long time...I won't ever buying a N.Y.X product again just because I don't want that feeling...

2 commenti:

  1. I guess you're right on what you said here - better pay a bit more and get a good product. Sounds like this one needs too much effort.
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  2. I love this color!