3 giu 2013

e.l.f. Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder - Swatches Blushed/Bronzed

 You may probably know this duo from e.l.f.. It is the exact copy of one of the most famous product of Nars but I think it's way too different from an high end product.
I only just recently decided that I want to use it just because I don't have to attend to any particular nice place so I really don't care the products that I used. I just want to get rid of many of them and say my opinions about them.

The blush wants to copy the Orgasm blush from Nars and even if swatched looks great pinky coral with some little shimmers, once applied on my cheeck I can see only the shimmers...huge amount of shimmers I should say...and I really don't like see my face so sparkly...I can't stand it!!! Where is the nice pink once applied!!??? I can see only shimmers and it isn't an highlighter so what's the point?

The bronzer should copy the bronzer from Nars which is the famous Laguna but I think it's darker that Laguna. For this I have also some complains. It's an overwhelmed dark bronzer for me and when I'm opening the packaging in order to apply it I looked at it with scare feeling. Plus I have some feeling that it broke me out the first time that I applied,...infact right after that I developped some breakouts exactly where I use to applied it..I don't know if that it's true...
Overall I can't wait to trow it away eventhough I want to try to use it...

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