19 giu 2013

HUGE HAUL! LOVE CHLOè!! from feelunique

As long as I love LOVE perfume from Chloè in every single forms that it exists, I also decided to buy the shower gel and the body cream. Obviously I love them as much as the perfume and especially the shower gel it's so nice! It lasts a bit after the shower and with the body cream and the perfume of course, I can make sure to smell this amazing scent on me.
Unfortunately these two items are insanely expensive but I decided to buy them anyway as long as it's difficult for me find the shower gel, the perfume and the body cream that matchs my taste..
but in this case I didn't have any doubts!
Obviously they are only for really special occasion that unfortunately didn't happen very often or when I need to lift up myself which lately happens quite frequently

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