7 lug 2014


 I LOVE the feeling of finishing products! I don't know why, maybe because some of them are bad or maybe because I have too much so sometimes it's nice make a little bit of declutter in all my stuff.
I was particularly happy to finish the NIVEA PRODUCT. It was a cream that I had to applly after shower. The all idea of it it's insane! Why you had to put some of this product after the regular shower gel??? Sometimes I ask myself why, maybe to avoid the cream after the shower, which I feel it's also essential because my skin it still dry.

Then I did manage to finish my first REN product which is a foaming cleanser for the face. I love this product especially the packaging so convenient to use. The product didn't give me any weird reaction but it didn't do wonders either so I think I will try something different. Also because I love change products.

MAMA MIO boob tube...I had high expectations from this cream with avocado and it's nice overall but the smallest packaging ever didn't get me the opportunity to appreciate the results to the fullest. My boobs are the same after the use of this product which isn't cheap at all.

DECLEOR Circular Gel - This is a very refreshing gel for the legs which lasts me a long while. I think it's a nice cooling product for legs but nothing spectacular or innovative so I will try something new and I'm actually already did this...it's very expensive so I don't think I will miss too much.

One of the most disappointing product was the PHYTO SHAMPOO FOR coloured hair. First of all it didn't do anything for my colour and for its maintenance. I also notice that during the period that I use this shampoo my hair was more weak and not very maneageble. Definitely a miss for me and it's also very expensive so!!