13 gen 2015

YSL Forever Light Creator Serum

I didn't have any expectation for those sample from YSL and I just wanted to finish them in order to make some order (sorry for the repeat) in my drawers.

Well like sometimes happen I had to say that I'm pretty satisfied with this serum. Obviously I don't believe or understand 99% of the things that they said on the card but the results on me talk themselves and I can swear that it works in some kind of way.

I slept just the normal hours and didn't do any particular in these 3 days of trial and I can say that the skin of my face was more plumped even the first night that I use it. I don't know if this is the result that they claims but reading the claims I don't think so. Anyway my skin improvement also reacts on the illuminating part so obviously my skin looks more radiant in the morning and even during the day.

Now I am at the third day of use and I'm pretty happy with the result. I seriously don't know if it's too soon to say that I like it but overall I will take a look on this next time I had to repurchase a serum.

Yes it's a serum so if you don't like the stickiness of these products I don't recommend it. Plus I don't like the overpowering smell that this product has, almost like a fragrance of grape, which I like, but in a skin product I can't stand it. Mainly because I'm scared that these added fragrances can be dangerous for skin.
Another unpleasant thing that I find in this serum, which is not little is that I notice more than before some little bumps and black heads on my forehead and my cheecks that I'm not used to, but it also can be due to the foundation or the wipes that I used the days before so I don't know....

It's nice for plumping my skin this can be a good reason for loving it even if it has some controversial result on me!
Obviously close your eyes and don't read the ingredients! LOL I'm not an expert but...

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